High performance Steel alloys for lightweight design

High performance lightweight Steel alloys developed and distributed by AMT show very high strength, high stiffness and exceptional wear resistance. These properties could be tailored over a broad range. The processing of these Steel high performance Steel alloys fulfill even very challenging customer requirements. They are made via super clean processes.



This high performance Steel alloy shows a lower density, a higher stiffness and exceptional wear resistance compared to conventional Steels. It is a Steel-TiC alloy. The properties can be tailor made via the TiC content. Several Matrix alloys are available. Even stainless grades. This alloy is useful for components requiring high stiffness and low weight. Another feature is the high damping capacity of this alloy. The wear resistance is comparable to that of Tungsten Carbide with only one third of the weight.


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WTEC-6 is a kind of Tool Steel. WTEC-6 shows also a high wear resistance close to Tungsten Carbide. The toughness is significantly higher than that of other Tool Steels with the same wear resistance. The distribution of Carbides is much more uniform compared to traditional Tool Steels like M50. Because of the geometry of the Carbides the fatigue resistance of this Steel is much higher than for other Tool Steels. This feature makes this Steel alloy of interest for high performance application. The lower density and higher modulus are additional features. WTEC-6 is readily available in many shapes and sizes and usually on stock.

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