New materials often require new machining strategies. AMT has extensive know-how in machining components made of advanced materials. Our experience includes materials like Metal-Matrix-Composites, e.g. Titanium-MMC’s, Steel-MMC’s, Aluminum-MMC’s and Magnesium MMC’s. These materials require special machining steps to avoid tool wear. Intermetallic materials like gamma-TiAl, orthorhombic Titanium alloys and FeAl need new strategies to realize components.

AMT can supply prototype to small quantities made of these advanced materials. So the customer can run the first trials with his specific material. Usually the part of the customer is made on an existing production line. This production lines are often to busy to integrate the part made of a new material with all it’s special requirements. AMT can help to supply the prototypes and small quantities without bothering the production. The customer can run all tests and decide afterwards about the potential of realizing this component made of new materials.


Components realized by AMT are machined with the latest CNC milling and turning machines. These machines guarantee matching the required tolerances and quality of the customer part.


Machining of a Conrod made of Aluminum-Composite (Al-MMC).

The manufacturing process is made with the latest CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacturing) like Autodesk Mechanical Desktop and HyperMill from Openmind Technologies. Exchange of data via an Ethernet interface direct to the milling machines allows the machining of complex geometries.

HyperMill to generate the CNC-milling-program for a Titanium-MMC Crankshaft.

Additionally we are offering services like Grinding, Polishing and Coating. Materials like Metal-Matrix-Composites and high performance Titanium alloys require unique grinding and polishing strategies to realize the component. AMT has extensive experience in grinding of advanced materials with Diamond and CBN tools.

Inlet-Valve for high perfromance engine made of Titanium-Ti-SF61

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