Materials Development

AMT has participated in some of the most advanced metallic materials and processes. This includes nano-materials with unique properties.


A selection of materials AMT has participated in the development:


-          Powder based nanocrystalline Aluminum alloys with strengths of more than 1.200 MPa made with a unique liquid atomization process.

-         Metal-Matrix-Composites with nanoscale particle reinforcement. These composites featuring properties that could not be obtained with other MMC materials. High strength up to very high temperatures, increased stiffness and wear resistance. More information, see DSC-Materials.

-         Titanium alloys for high temperature application like jet engine compressor discs or high performance automotive valves.

-         Titanium alloys with high stiffness (elastic modulus). They are from interest for airframes, landing gear and other aerospace application. The high wear resistance and modulus is also from particular interest for high performance automotive parts.

-         Intermetallic Titanium alloys for high temperature application. AMT has been involved in projects including gamma-TiAl, orthorhombic Titanium and Tri-Aluminides.

-         High stiffness (elastic modulus) Steel alloys with tailor made properties including high stiffness, low density and exceptional wear resistance. They are from significant interest for rotating and moving parts require high damping, stiffness and low weight. Application requiring high wear resistance and low weight are also from interest.

-         Powder based high strength Magnesium alloys with strength up to 500 MPa.



AMT participate in the development of nanocrystalline/amorphous Aluminum alloys.


AMT has designed and manufactured the high speed nozzles required for the unique liquid hypersonic atomization process. AMT has designed the whole unit from nozzle to wheel including compacting equipment. These nozzles require precise manufacturing processes because of the very tight tolerances of a hypersonic Laval-Nozzle.


High stiffness Titanium alloys


AMT was involved in several projects of high modulus Titanium alloys for automotive and aerospace application. Close co-operation with the material supplier and tailor made alloys resulted in the most advanced high modulus Titanium alloys today.  



These two materials are an example of a very close co-operation with the customer to match his requirements. A close co-operation with the customer is from advantage because of the many parameters, treatments, machining steps and others that needs to take care during the development.


Use our experience of materials development for your component and specific application.



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