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AMT Advanced Materials Technology is a source for advanced materials. We develop and distribute these materials and components made of. Our main business areas are high performance components made of advanced metallic materials and their composites.


Lightweight materials are from interest for transport systems like automotive, aerospace and rail. Dwindling natural resources, environmental restrictions and increased performance requirements are the main driver for the use of advanced materials.


AMT works close with his partners during the selection, development and manufacturing of these new advanced materials. We also help to introduce these materials into products and processes.

Most of these materials are specified for requirements of transport systems regarding maximum performance, cost and environmental aspects.


Our portfolio includes some of the most advanced materials.



New alloys and processes for advanced Titanium and Aluminum alloys




Look at the section plasma processed Titanium alloys. Titanium alloys made via plasma processing show unique properties like high modulus. The plamsa process is also very useful for intermetallic alloys and titanium composites, see details in processing and the Titanium section.





Look at Aluminum alloys for high strength, optical, electronic and high temperature application.







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