Titanium alloys for Aerospace applications

Titanium is a material of choice for Aerospace applications because it features low density, high strength and outstanding corrosion resistance. Within the civil and military Aerospace industry Titanium consumption has increase the past decades. Even next generation Carbon fiber composite structured Aircrafts will contain a significant amount of Titanium because of its high strength, low CTE and chemical compatibility.

Titanium for jet engines

Titanium is in use for jet engine parts since the sixties. The maximum service temperature has increased to about 520°C even if the alloys are capable for service temperatures of up to 600°C. The reason is not low strength, its lacking creep and oxidation resistance. Example of the latest generation of high temperature Titanium alloys are Timetal-834, Timetal-1100 and others.

To surpass the 600°C temperature limit new intermetallic Titanium alloys were developed. These intermetallic Titanium alloys are based on the phases TiAl, Ti3Al, Al3Ti and Ti2AlNb. Intermetallic phases show properties in between metals and ceramics. The are more brittle but more temperature resistant compared to pure metals. The intermetallic Titanium alloys could be used up to 800°C. Their excellent fatigue resistance and high elastic modulus are also advantageous.

Titanium for airframes

Titanium is used since the fifties for airframe applications. The majority, with the exception of some Beat-Titanium alloys for the Lockheed SR-71 Aircraft, of components were made of Ti-6Al-4V alloy. This is the workhorse of all Titanium alloys.

However Today’s Aircraft designers demand higher strengths. Emerging Titanium alloys like Titanium composites and Ti-5553 show excellent properties.

Especially Titanium composites (Ti-MMC’s) show high stiffness and strength. With the higher stiffness of Titanium composites the Aircraft designer can much more benefit from Titaniums high strength.


AMT can supply the whole range of Titanium alloys. However we are specialized on high temperature alloys and composites. We can assist you to select the best Titanium alloy for your application. We can supply large parts up to 4 tons, e. g. for landing gear applications. Contact us.

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