High strength Aluminum alloys

 Conventional high strength 7000 series Aluminum alloys like A7075 show strengths up to 560 MPa. Slightly modified variants like A7050 could reach strength levels of around 650 MPa. Only very few wrought Aluminum alloys show higher strength. For better corrosion resistance 7000 series alloys require a T7x conditon. This reduces the strength significantly. 


Advanced powder processes are necessary to obtain Aluminum alloys with higher strength compared to traditional. This could be done with a few processes described in the menu item Processing.


Subsequently listed our high strength Aluminum alloys.




Aluminum Al-MS78 is a very high strength 7000 series Aluminum alloy made via an advanced powder processing route. It shows very high strength and excellent fatigue strength. The strength is about 40% higher compared to A7075. The fatigue ratio is higher than for conventional Aluminum alloys due to the small grain size. It is available up to D=100mm. Other sizes on request. Al-MS78 is the first choice for special application like structural parts, fasteners or other application requiring high strength.

Aluminum-Al-MS78 properties
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Aluminum Al-WQ68 is a high strength 7000 series Aluminum alloy made via adavanced wrought processing route. Al-WQ68 is available up to D=180mm, Rectangle bars 200x100mm. Other sizes on request. Al-WQ68 shows higher strength even at high thickness sections, compared to A7075 alloy. The strength exceeds 700 MPa with good ductility. Aluminum Al-WQ68 is the first choice for application currently made of A7075, A7055, A7055 requiring hgiher strength. Al-WQ68 shows significant better high temperature properties compared to A7075. 

Aluminum Al-WQ68 properties
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Aluminum A-1500 is an ultra high strength Aluminum alloy under development. A new hypersonic liquid atomization process is the key to obtain the high cooling rates and corresponding strengths of these Aluminum alloys. The mixture of amorphous and nanocrystalline powder is compacted by a newly developed forging process. These alloys show strengths of more than 1.200 MPa with a good ductility of more than 5%.

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