Magnesium Composites

Magnesium Composites are from interest because the properties could be tailor made with fibers or particles via a broad range. Several different fiber or particle systems could be use as a reinforcement. However predominantly Alumina and Silicon-Carbide articles are used as reinforcement. Recently developed Carbon Nanotube reinforced Magnesium-Composites are now also available.

The reinforcement phase has a significant influence to the properties. Especially strength, stiffness and creep resistance. Magnesium Composites are from great interest for technical application because of their lightweight and high strength.




Mg-AZ91-SiC is a Magnesium MMC alloy made via Spray Forming. Reinforcement phase is Silicon-Carbide with 3-5 µm particle size. Because of these particles the strength, stiffness and wear resistance are significantly increased. Despite the amount of reinforcement phase this alloy show a useful ductility.


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Mg-CNT1 is a Magnesium Composite reinforced with so called Multi-Walled-Carbon-Nanotubes (MWNT’s). Because of the exceptional properties of these Carbon-Nanotubes the increase in strength and stiffness is significant despite it low content of reinforcement phase. Carbon-Nanotubes are from great interest as a reinforcement because of their outstanding properties like strength, stiffness and very low density.

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The DSC-Technology could be also used for Magnesium alloys. A ceramic preform will be infiltrated with a Magnesium alloy. According to the magnesium matrix alloy the properties could be tailor made.

More information about the DSC-Technology in high temperature Aluminum alloys.

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