High performance magnesium alloys for Automotive applications

Automotive cast, engine and gear-box parts are made of Magnesium since many Years. In the past Years a lot of research has been done to increase the strength and creep resistance for casting parts. Magnesium is also in use for chassis parts like doors. However the low corrosion resistance is from concern for chassis parts made of Magnesium. For applications in a non corrosive environment like dash boards, steering housings or seat frames it is a material of choice.   

Engine housings, reinforced with the DSC-Technology

Engine housing made via high pressure die castings could be reinforced locally with ceramic performs. From interest are areas like the cylinder liner and bearings of the housing and the bearing cap/bedplate.





  • Compared to the unreinforced matrix alloy strength is significantly increased because of dispersion strengthening. Elevated temperature, 150°C, strength is comparable to Grey-Cast-Iron. This allows a 1:1 material substitution within the reinforced areas. 


  • Potential service temperatures are increased to above 400°C. Properties could be widely influenced by the choice of the matrix alloy.


  • Infiltrated areas show good sliding, friction behavior and wear resistance, important for cylinder liners.


  • Fatigue resistance is also significantly increased, important for the bearing area.


  • DSC-Mg shows low CTE and high stiffness. These are very important features for cylinder liners.


  • Because of nanometer sized Alumina particles the machining behavior is much better compared to other Magnesium composites.


·          Because of the large increase in strength it is for many applications not necessary to use an expensive matrix alloy, e. g. AZ41, AZ91 instead of rare-earth element containing Magnesium alloys.


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