High performance Steels for Automotive applications

Steels founds extensive use for Automotive applications. For this reason AMT is specialized only for very high performance Steel alloys with special properties. Our portfolio includes Steels with low density, very high modulus and extreme wear resistance.

Typical applications are:


Piston Pins


Especially the Steel alloy XMP-21 is qualified for piston pins. This alloy features a lower density and a significantly higher elastic modulus than conventional Steel alloys. For this reason piston pins are at the same time lighter and stiffer. The very high fatigue resistance allow further weight savings. Additionally the wear resistance is outstanding. Piston pins made of XMP-21 are up to 30% lighter compared to conventional Steel pins including higher stiffness.

XMP-21 Piston Pins, ø 30mm for Diesel-Engine, ø 18mm for high performance engine (AMT)
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