Ultra high strength Titanium alloys

Titanium-Springs made of Ti-SB20 (AMT)

Very high strength Titanium alloys are usually so called Beta-Titanium alloys. They show very high strengths up to 1.700 Ma and high ductility. Beta-Titanium alloys have a higher density compared to other Titanium alloys because of the large amount of heavy Beta-stabilizing elements. Because of the high ductility many components are cold formed followed by a comparable simple heat treatment Beta-Titanium alloys respond very well to heat treatments and could be treated to very thick sections up to 120 mm. The elastic and sheer modulus is lower than for conventional Titanium like alpha-beta or alpha alloys. This is from advantage for application like Springs and Fasteners. This is the major field of use for this alloy class.



This Beta-Titanium alloy shows excellent strength and ductility. Compared to other Beta-titanium alloys like Beta-C from advantage is also the slightly lower density. Ti-SB20 is suitable for Springs and Fastener production.

Titanium Ti-SB20
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