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AMT Advanced Materials Technology is a source for advanced materials. We develop, distribute and manufacturing components made of these advanced material. Our main focus is in advanced Aluminum and Titanium alloys, their intermetallic phases and composites. Addionally we are also supplying solutions of Steel composite alloys.


Lightweight materials are from interest for transportation systems like automotive, aerospace and train. Dwindling natural resources, environmental restrictions and increased performance requirements are the main driver for  advanced materials use.

Alloys with special properties required for precison and optical components will also be found in our portfolio. Some of these material solution can be tailor made to match the specific properties required. 


AMT works close with their customers during material selection, development and manufacturing for new components. 


Our portfolio includes some of the most advanced materials.


News and updates

1. New Aluminum and Steel composite brake disc technology

AMT has developed in a joint venture with a U.S. Material Development Company and a German premium Automotive OEM, new technologies for environmental friendly, virtually wear free brake discs. See more information at www.cleanbrakesystems.com .

2. Supply of standard Titanium alloys and intermetallic gamma Titanium

AMT supplies the whole range of standard Titanium alloys like, Grade2, Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V), high temperature alloys like Ti-6-2-4-2-Si. We are specialized in very short deilivery time for forgings. Typical Grade 5 forgings have a delivery time of 2 weeks with a very attractive price tag. Ask us, if you need Titanium.

AMT can also supply discs, blocks and other forgings made of very high temperature Titanium alloys like Ti-SF61, which outperforms Ti-6-2-4-2-Si. 

AMT supplies additionally intermetallic gamma and (beta-gamma) Titanium alloys. Casting and forgings. Pankake forgings up to 750mm diameter.

Closed die forgings on request.

Advanced Aluminum and Titanium alloys for armor plates

AMT can supply a whole range of standard and specilally developed Titanium and Aluminum alloys for armor plate application. This includes Titanium and Alminum composite and sandwich types. Ask for details.

New alloys and processes for advanced Titanium and Aluminum alloys

Titanium plasma processing


Look at the section plasma processed Titanium alloys. Titanium alloys made via plasma processing show unique properties like high modulus. The plasma process is kind of similar to other 3D SLM (Selective-Laser-Melting) or Electron Beam processes but has a much higher build-up rate of several Kg per hour. It can be used for a range of materials but especially Titanium and high performance Steels. See details, in the Titanium section.




Look at Aluminum alloys for high strength, high temperature, high modulus, low CTE solutions. This includes Laser optical, precision instruments, mirrors and UAV application.


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